Mar 26, 2014 · 1-chlorobutane did not form a precipitate, even in the presence of heat. For the effect of the substrate on an SN2 reaction, five test tubes were obtained. 0.1 mL of 1-chlorobutane was placed in the first test tube. 0.1 mL of 1-bromobutane was placed in the second test tube. 0.1 mL of 2-chlorobutane was placed in the third test tube.
Feb 08, 2008 · I. Pre-Lab Report A. Introduction The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the influence of molecular structure on the reactivity of an alkane in free-radical chlorination using gas chromatography. The alkene to be used, 1-chlorobutane, will be reacted with sulfuryl chloride to produce four isomeric dichlorobutanes. The reaction will take place using a similar […]